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Fall Prevention Resources

Here are some additional fall prevention resources

In Nassau County, “Stepping On,” a well-known, licensed fall-prevention program for seniors, is offered through the North Shore/LIJ Health System. For information, visit, click on Support and resources, then Accessibility & social services.

In Suffolk, the county health department’s Division of Preventive Medicine has developed several senior citizen falls prevention programs, including a  7-week “Stepping On” program, a two-hour “Staying Independent for Life” workshop, and a Tai Chi program. Visit, then click Preventive Medicine.


For more detailed fall-prevention information:  Go to Age-Friendly Housing and click on the downloadable brochure, The AARP Home Fit Guide, to find an extensive home safety checklist. The Fall Prevention Center of Excellence, a University of Southern California-based consortium created to ensure the safety and well-being of older persons through fall prevention, offers booklets, articles and online resources for individuals and families.  The Administration on Aging, an agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Administration for Community Living, offers a downloadable brochure, Preventing Falls at Home. (Click on Brochures). The National Council on Aging supports the implementation of falls prevention programs and strategies nationwide. Click on the link, Improve Health, then Falls Prevention for information about the council’s Falls-Free Initiative, community-based programs, tools and resources. Also, click the link Center for Healthy Aging for tips about physical activity and behavioral health that may help prevent falls.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers fact sheets and downloadable checklists and publications about fall-prevention in multiple languages. Do a keyword search for Home & Recreational Safety, then click Publications & Resources.  Rebuilding Together, a national nonprofit that rehabilitates homes for low-income homeowners, offers a checklist to help identify fall hazards and accessibility issues. (Click Resources, then Fact Sheet, then Rebuilding Together Aging-in-Place & Safe at Home Checklist.)