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Senior Transportation Resources

Here are some resources to help your loved one stay mobile

Long Island Rail Road


The LIRR provides extensive east-west transportation, including 124 stations. Individuals age 65 and over may ride for half-fare at any time, except during morning rush hour (6 am - 10 am weekdays).

Bus Transportation

Each county offers a separate fixed-route public bus transportation system.

Nassau County

The Nassau Inter-County Express (NICE)


The NICE system provides dozens of routes across the county. Recently, NICE has been expanding a pilot program in which buses arrive at regular intervals, rather than at a set time, to improve the travel experience for riders. Individuals age 65 and older and people with disabilities are entitled to a discounted fare. Buses have lifts or ramps for wheelchairs.

Glen Cove: Glen Cove Bus Loop circles Glen Cove during the day (9 a.m.-3 p.m.) at more than a dozen locations (; 516-676-4402).

Long Beach: Residents age 60 and over may ride the local buses at half fare during non-rush hours and all day on weekends (516-431-4445).

Suffolk County

Suffolk County Transit


The transit system offers north-south and east-west fixed routes in each of the 10 towns. Buses have lifts or ramps for wheelchairs as well as audible and visible announcements. There are reduced one-way fares for seniors age 60 and older and disabled individuals.