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Tools, articles and videos to help plan and make decisions about retirement finances that meet a family’s circumstances. Also, AARP’s Retirement Calculator can help determine if a person is on track with savings strategies for retirement (


A free online service provided by the nonprofit National Council on Aging, designed to help people over 55 search through more than 2,000 federal, state and private benefits programs to help pay for prescription drugs, health care, food and other basic needs. The service asks a series of questions to identify specific programs and benefits that could save money and cover the costs of everyday expenses. After answering the questions, a participant gets a customized report describing the programs that may provide assistance.

Senior discounts

An online directory of more than 250,000 businesses nationwide that offer discounts to people 50 years of age and older. The listing is searchable by ZIP code and includes the contact information, a newsletter, discount offers and other information necessary to receive each discount. Note: The blog article on the landing page is from 2021, but the coupons and links are up-to-date.

Family and Children’s Association (Nassau County)

516-746-0350; 516-485-3425

This social services agency offers financial counseling programs to help resolve debt and mortgage crises; HIICAP (Health Insurance Information, Counseling and Assistance Program) for issues concerning Medicare and other health care options; and bill payer assistance, including budget and financial organizing; managing consumer debt; CHEC, which provides reverse mortgages; and completion of tax forms.

Family Service League (Suffolk County)


The Family Service League CAIR (Community Advocacy Information and Referral) program is housed in several locations. CAIR assists individuals and families to access benefits, secure emergency assistance, and link to other programs, services, and agencies. CAIR staff assist with paperwork, help navigating systems, and referrals.

HomeShare Program

790 Park Ave., Huntington

Suffolk County homeowners, age 55 and older, are carefully matched with home seekers, 18-plus years of age, to share a single-family home. HomeShare rents are well below market rate and may be further reduced if the homeowner requires assistance with errands and/or a variety of tasks around the home. Companionship and a sense of security are just a few of the many benefits of home-sharing. HomeShare is primarily funded by the Towns of Babylon, Islip, and Huntington.

Financial Planning Association

The website has a registry service that can be used to search for names of Certified Financial Planners in your area.

Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards

The CFP Board is a nonprofit that sets financial standards in personal financial planning, as well as requirements for certification. The website offers information about how to work with Certified Financial Planners and a locator to find CFPs in your geographic area.

Women’s Institute for a Secure Retirement (WISER)

Financial Steps for Caregivers: What You Need to Know About Money and Retirement is designed to help you identify financial decisions you may face as a caregiver. The decision to become a caregiver can affect both your short-term and long-term financial security, including your own retirement.