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The Family Meeting Checklist

Here is a short list of suggested topics to help keep your early meetings focused. 

Health conditions. Some older people say they don’t want to be “a burden on my kids,” but it’s better for both sides to have a realistic picture of a loved ones’ health and avoid any surprises.

financial resources and Retirement plans. 

Every aging couple has their own version of “retirementality,” their view of how they want to live during their later years. It’s important to share your plan with family caregivers. (For more discussion, see “What’s our Loved Ones’ ‘Retirementality’?” )

Lifestyle and Housing Preferences. Housing is one of the most critical factors in ensuring safe and successful aging—and as you think ahead, contemplating changing needs over the years.

Healthcare wishes. If your loved ones are unable to manage their financial and personal affairs at some point, they need to assign roles for their adult children and others to step in to serve as their representatives.