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Here are some helpful resources to jump-start these early family conversations

Prepare to Care: A Planning Guide for Families

A comprehensive brochure developed by the AARP Foundation, with a compendium of useful worksheets and checklists.  These include:

  • Goals and Needs Checklist
  • General Needs Assessment
  • Personal Information Checklist
  • Home Maintenance Checklist
  • Health Checklist
  • Medication Chart
  • Transportation Checklist
  • Financial Checklist
  • Public Benefits Checklist
  • Sample Caregiving Plan
  • Sample Detailed Weekly Caregiving Plan

The guide can be downloaded from AARP’s Caregiving Resource Center website. (

Let’s Talk: Starting the Conversation about Health, Legal, Financial and End-of-life Issues

A free brochure from the U.S. Department of  Health and Human Services Eldercare Locator website ( Scroll down and click “Let’s Talk.”)

Caregiving with Your Siblings

A tip-filled article on the Family Caregiver Alliance website. (