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Emergency Preparedness Checklist

Here is a short list of steps for you and your loved ones to put together a quick emergency preparedness plan:

  • Review your Vital Information Checklist to identify the most critical documents and contact information in case your loved ones are suddenly unable to adequately manage their affairs.

  • Create an emergency communication plan with your loved ones.

  • In case of power outages or other disruptive events, assemble an emergency kit of essentials, such as medications and medical supplies, cell phone chargers, flashlights, extra batteries, bottled water, and a first aid kit. Make sure the car’s gas tank is filled ahead of time. The American Red Cross provides a more comprehensive list of what to include in a basic emergency kit (; Click Training & Certification.)
  • Your loved ones also can register for emergency notifications from the Nassau and Suffolk County Offices of Emergency Preparedness. Just go to the county websites and look for emergency services (; click Departments the Emergency Management; and; click Departments, then Fire, Rescue and Emergency Services.) They also can have their names registered with local police, fire and EMT departments, so officials already have their contact information in case of emergencies such as power outages.
  • And in case of a fire, make sure there is an emergency exit plan for your loved ones’ home—and yours, too! Practice the plan to make sure it works.